Crop Budgeting Software



The budgeting capabilities of The Farmer’s Office allow you to easily create, modify and use budgets for each individual cost center you have set up. The budgets can be useful in monitoring actual expenses and for presentation to lenders.

The budgeting capabilities of The Farmer’s Office include:

  • Budgets may be entered for each field cost center for each crop year.
  • Budgets can be entered with as much detail as desired.
  • Budgets for new crop years may be automatically generated based on either the prior year’s budget or actual expenses, with a percentage increase/decrease.
  • Once a budget has been created, you can adjust the amounts based on a change in planted acreage. This is useful for open ground crops that may have varying planted acres from year to year.
  • Budget reports include the Cash Flow Worksheets and the Detailed Budget Report.
  • Budgets for all fields are combined to print a master cash flow worksheet.
  • Cash flow worksheet amounts can be exported directly into Microsoft Excel, then formatted for presentation to banks, lenders, etc.
  • Crop Comparison Report allows you to see how actual expenses compare to your budgeted amounts.

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