Crop Management


Crop Management is the heart of Picas. Here you will control your crop’s growing cycle with functions like stock plants, germ rates, adjustments, physical counts, material and activity requirements, and much more. This module is filled with reports that allow you to see availability, capacity planning, crop analysis, germ rates, planned vs. actual and more. Based off production schedules, Picas will tell you what you need to plant or transplant every week. You can update your actual plantings via the Sowing and Transplanting verification screen. While the Crop Management module allows you to update your production inventory manually, the Data Collection module allows you to perform these same functions via a portable hand held unit. This module has a direct interface with the Picas Purchase Order module to help you create purchase orders for materials you need to order.

Key Points:

  • Sowing Verification
  • Transplant Verification
  • Material Requirements Reports
  • Activity Requirements Reports
  • Germ Rate Routines
  • Product Reconciliation Routines such as adjustments (with reasons) and Physical Counts
  • Various Production and Availability Reports and Inquiries

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