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Increase your profits while creating an impact on food security

Farm Activity Records

Save time and keep on top of farm records with Croptracker. Implement best practices to increase productivity while keeping track of farm activities.

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Labour Tracking

Quickly see your labour costs, and have full control over prioritizing tasks. Accurately pay employees piecemeal rates depending on the tasks they complete.

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Powerful Audit Reports

Nobody likes an audit - Croptracker can slash your food safety audit time down to a few hours from days.

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Food Safety and Traceability

Track your product throughout planting, sprays, harvest, packing, shipment, and more with Croptracker's powerful event system.

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Easy to Pick Up and Go

Croptracker's simple and intuitive interface is easy to pick up and use for just about any type of work flow. Put your data to work for you!

Desktop and Mobile Apps

Access your data from anywhere! Croptracker is supported on iPhone and Android devices, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

Data Security

Keep your data secure - Croptracker uses state of the art encryption and never sells or shares your data with anyone, ever.

Customer Support

Got questions? Need help? Let us know through our integrated service desk. We'll help you make Crop Tracker work with your business.

Spray Records

Croptracker's award winning spray record system easily gives you access to your records from your smart phone, tablet or computer. Record sprays, analyze chemical usage and costs by block or commonity. Croptracker calculates and alerts you when it’s safe to re-enter and harvest.

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Harvest Record Keeping

Quickly and easily record your harvest & calculate piecemeal while field packing. Instantly share up to date information with your entire team, enhance your traceability and keep track of your yield. 

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Packing Records

Keep record of the amount and type of packing material used while processing products. Monitor cost and inventory of packing materials with easy to read reports.

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Storage Records

Monitor where you store a product in your storage by recording storage stalls with aisle, row and rack name with capacities for each. View stored product details such as grade, quality, quantity and location. 

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Shipping and Receiving

Follow traceability when product is leaving or entering facility. Ship and receive from multiple locations and export around the world. 

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CanadaGAP® Audits
Croptracker was designed with CanadaGAP® audit in mind. Audits are time consuming; taking valuable time away from the farm. Take the pain and hassle away by completing the audit within a few hours instead of a few days.

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Traceability is not about collecting more information, it's about collecting the right information. Collect and manage data about your inputs, products and processes to reduce risk, improve decision making process and ultimately grow your business. 

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Employee and Work Crew Reporting

Monitor employee's tasks and make timely decisions. Gain access to activities employees complete throughout a day. Take away the manual labor of monitoring staff time and expectations.

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Cloud Based

Access your data from any device with an internet connection. We take away the annoyance of having to back up files or go directly to the farm to see documentation.

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Croptracker protects your data with a guarantee that it's secured and safe. You are the owner of all your own data; we will never share it with anyone without your consent – ever.

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Analytics and Reports

Benchmark and access performance reports with respect to laws, regulations and requirements. Have all records flow onto one report for a third party to use. 
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