Crop Recording


Record all you crop and field activities at one location.

In a crop recording program, you can store all crop and field activities related to the cultivation of crops. Examples include planting, seeding, use of crop protection, field observations, use of fertilizer, applied irrigation and all other related activities. You can compare it to a programm for bookkeeping of crop cultivation.

By recording  you will gain understanding of all field activities carried out in the different years. Also for crop advice from a consultant or an automated advisory module, crop recording is the starting point. Contractors will ask for crop recording data for food security and Global Gap reasons.

Licenses for Online Crop Recording are available on www.crop-r.com. Benefits of working online are:

  • Dashboard with personal information
  • Overview of your fields and crop rotation plan
  • Online and offline recording on tablet or smartphone with mobile app
  • Simple and user friendly
  • Geographical interface of crop rotation plans
  • Easy upgrade to extended functionality
  • Management of multiple farms is possible
  • Additional users can access the recording if provided with authorization

Dacom has a very extensive crop recording program for Windows. Benefits of Crop Recording Windows:

  • Offline available
  • Access to all Dacom modules
  • Upgrading with multi-user licenses
  • Access to complete lists of available pesticides, fertilizers and crop varieties
  • Back up on database

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