Cropio - a brand of N.S.T. New Science Technologies

- Version Agro - Next Generation Farm Management System Software


Cropio is a productivity management system that facilitates remote monitoring of agricultural land and enables its users to efficiently plan and carry out agricultural operations.

Real Time Information
Cropio provides real-time updates on current field and crop conditions, determines vegetation levels and pinpoints problem areas.

Improved Crop Yield
Cropio traces fields with weak crop growth and provides the ability to take appropriate and urgent measures to improve crop yield on a field by field basis.

Ultimate Control
Compare field yield with vegetation pattern and yield forecast, identify possible reasons for deviations and improve your operations.

Field Monitoring
Cropio provides updates on a daily basis regarding the condition of the sown area, which allows its user to control crop growth dynamics in a real-time setting.

Field Zoning
Cropio is capable of differentiating vegetation abnormalities within an individual field, which allows the user to effectively plan agricultural operations and makes it possible to pay closer attention to suspicious areas.

Cropio provides its user with weekly and monthly summary reports that are generated on the basis of operational information about each particular field and each crop type.

Field Analytics
A thorough and detailed understanding of vegetation dynamics makes it possible to estimate the harvest forecast, trace fields with weak crop growth and provides the ability to take appropriate and urgent measures to increase productivity in each field.

Cropio is able to design fertilizer distribution maps for selected fields and crop types and compose individual recommendations regarding the amount of nitrogen needed.

Active Control
If there is an impending threat of a storm in a particular field area, a problem zone appears on the field or field vegetation declines — the system notifies the user directly in reference to any important changes detected.

Precise Weather
Precise weather and weather forecast for each individual field is updated hourly and available for the week ahead

Daily and accumulated precipitation for each field

Soil Moisture
Soil moisture on different depth layers

Harvest Forecast
Forecast starting from the fourth week of active vegetation

N Deficit
N deficit control for each field and each part of the field

Pay your attention directly to problem areas on fields

Weather, vegetation and forecast alerts

Productivity, vegetation, scouting, slopes and other reports

Field History
Vegetation, precipitation, soil moisture and weather history for up to 10 years

Record Keeping
All data in one place accessible from any point with internet coverage

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