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Cogent3D, Inc

- Version 1.0 - Web-based Tools


CropTrak is proud to announce the release of CropTrak Web – a series of web-based tools that provides Users, Administrators, and Executives with easier access, reporting, and ultimately understanding and use of your data.

Version 1.0 of CTWeb continues our move of PC-based tools to the web, and focuses on new tools for the User as well as the Administrator.

Optimized for Google Chrome, CTWeb is designed to be used on any web enabled device with WiFi connectivity. No more being chained to the office PC – now you can work from anywhere you can reach the web!

Tools that make it easy to understand your data!

CropTrak Web includes web enabled tools that allow you to:

  • view assets and measurements on a map for a visual survey of your data
  • allow you to view, edit and export all the form data for an already entered form
  • allow you to view images collected in forms and export info from those assets
  • and more!

Like everything that CropTrak designs, we’ve created an entire series of easy-to-understand videos and step-by-step written tutorials about every facet of these new tools. Contact us for more information!

And we’re just getting started!

Stay tuned as we add new & improved features, and continue work on making this new suite of web-enabled tools even faster!

Food Processors
Manage contracts, track progress, and audit suppliers with easy-to-use mobile and web tools. CropTrak tracks compliance, sustainability, and crops to your standards.

Insurance Providers
Document good farming practices, mitigate risk, and streamline both compliance reporting and claims processing using one fit-for-purpose framework.

Commodity Companies
Manage contracts, collect estimates, track quality, and gain efficiencies by digitizing the paper processes you know and trust.

Ag Consultants
Research trials, sampling, site visits, and expedite recommendations of good agricultural practices with supporting compliance data. Configure according to food safety standards.

Food Safety Consultants
Time is money. Utilize your own audit tools to help clients with process improvement and compliance.
Farmers Blurb

With over 60 crops supported in 58 countries, CropTrak can be configured to support your unique operation.Track dirt to delivery using your fit-for-purpose digital forms and workflow. Collect, self-audit, and report good agriculture practices with one tool.

Military Grade Design:
Built by innovative GIS software designers with a proven military design background where the software had to be rock steady!

Proven Track Record:
Helping organizations meet their many varied data collection needs with a single, flexible framework that has been commercially tested and proven since 2009 by Agriculture’s most respected names.

Secure Data:
The gold standard for mobile data collection, leveraging 10 years of military GIS development experience to ensure the tools work every time, do not lose your data at any time, and keep your data secure all the time.

Customer Customizable:
User-customizable “fit-for-purpose” tools for entering and consolidating data, enabling clients to minimize training, maximize production, and protect their bottom line!

Farmer Approachable:
We make it easy for your team to get started using CropTrak with our Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced video training series, and full featured Support Portal.

You Own Your Data!:
CropTrak has no need or use for your data in our business model. You own the data you load at all times in whole, in parts, and any derivatives. Learn more here.

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