- Version LinX - Human-Machine Interaction in a Modern Industrial Vehicle Software


LinX Software Suite is an open and modular software
platform for all aspects of Human-Machine interaction
in a modern industrial vehicle. Choose from a range of
software application modules to realize your total HMI


LinX come with powerful and easy-to-use design tools,
reducing engineering spend and shortening time to
market compared to other software platforms. The
advanced features delivered by the design tools,
combined with the multi-functional capabilities and
graphics performance of CrossControl displays enable
you to create a premium HMI system for your product.

  • Agriculture: The agricultural vehicle industry is in many aspects a driver of innovation in the area of machine control. With more of the field work being conducted at a larger scale and also contracted, the demand for highly reliable, industrial machine systems and solutions is growing.
  • Cargo: Container terminals worldwide are challenged to meet increasing expectations on efficiency in logistics and shorter time for transportation. This puts high requirements on dependability and performance for the equipment used, from the container spreader on the ship-to-shore crane to the Straddle carrier or AGV.
  • Construction: Construction equipment is the by far largest industrial vehicle industry but also quite diversified. Duty cycles and asset value differ considerably between equipment types. This leads to different expectations and requirements on automation and machine control solutions.
  • Forestry: In the big forestry markets, great efforts have been made to create an integrated value chain, from the forest raw material to the paper and sawmill industries. A forest machine is today a mobile production plant that is operated in 3 or 4 shifts with a duty cycle of up to 6000 hours per annum. In this context, machine uptime is critical.
  • Marine: Merchant vessels, ferries and off-shore vessels are equipped with a range of machine control and automation systems. Separate systems for e.g. propulsion control, dynamic positioning, radar and navigation, means that there is often a need to integrate these different systems, forming a total ship automation and machine control solution that is user-friendly and efficient.
  • Mining: The increasing automation of mining equipment calls for really rugged and reliable electronics. In this rough environment, the automation solutions still need to be advanced to ensure highest possible equipment productivity and up-time.
  • Rail:The rail vehicle industry is gradually adopting to de-regulation and developing to meet increased demand for safe, fast and low-emission public transportation across the globe. TCMS (Train Control and Monitoring System) suppliers are challenged with increasing requirements on functional safety and today it is often the case that the HMI is part of the safety chain.
  • Utility: The utility vehicle industry is diverse in terms of applications but commonly these involve on-road transportation and operation in communities, close to the public. Requirements on quality assurance of the service provided means that vehicle systems increasingly are equipped with e.g. positioning functionality and video recording to enable documentation of the work performed.

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