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A complete set of planning tools for agricultural professionals, Software Design Principles: Clear screen layouts, simple data entry, time efficient, emphasis on farm business management information, maximising benefits to the user.

Four effective components combined to bring farm business planning into perspective

  1. Herd Planner – Including milk yield prediction
  2. Budgets and Cash Flow – Comprehensive tool for cash flows and projected Profit and Loss and Cost analysis
  3. Loan Calculator – Quick and easy amortisation
  4. Capital Appraisal - An assessment of overall business viability over time

Herd Planner:

  • Cow and heifer calvings in plan year and previous year required
  • Most milk price schedules can be accommodated to give a feel for projected milk income
  • Concentrates fed/litre or kg from forage can be used for planned feed use
  • Milk quality calculated based on lactation curves and seasonality
  • High or low peak lactation curve options
  • Results by litres per month, per cow or per day
  • Differentiation between litres produced and sold
  • Actual results alongside predictions
  • A widely used and highly efficient tool for yield prediction

Budgets and Cash Flows:

  • Simple and clearly laid out data entry screens
  • Headings cover most single and multi-enterprise scenarios
  • Easy to adjust figures throughout the year
  • Results can be analysed on-screen or printed out
  • Graphs of cash flow and bank balances
  • Trading profit and loss
  • Input analysis as a % of gross output
  • Limitless numbers of budgets can be created to test different plans for the farms future
  • A fast and effective tool for forward planning on-farm

Management benefits

  • A guide to the business performance in the projected period
  • Adding actual figures as time progresses to assess accuracy of planned initiatives
  • Using valuation changes and depreciation figures, a true anticipated P&L can be produced
  • Benchmark against other businesses for management analysis using the screen and printed reports available
  • Budgets can easily be amended at any time to reflect changes in business strategy

Capital Appraisals:

  • Asset values, stock, machinery, liabilities and capital available are all entered to create a snapshot of total business viability
  • Gearing, Owner/equity ratios, net worth and return on capital figures generated
  • Calculations repeated quarterly to highlight trends
  • Examines the use of capital within the business
  • The ultimate assessment of business health over time

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