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Used widely across the UK by some of most well-known ruminant feed companies and agricultural consultants, the Datag Dairy Farm Costing System is an effective program created to simplify the collection, organisation and presentation of dairy farm data to evaluate the physical performance of the herd.

Designed primarily to be used on farm but equally effective when used as a bureau service, the software will meet all your requirements and surpass those of your customers…

Software design Principles 

Clear screen layouts

  • Simple data entry
  • Time efficient
  • Emphasis on farm business management information
  • Maximising benefits to the user

Dairy Costing System

  • Flexible approach easy to administer across a number of locations
  • Central copy performs all statistics and league table requirements
  • ‘Reps’ version for collecting and analysing data on numerous farms
  • Single user version available
  • Fast and easy data entry when on-farm
  • Advanced computer skills are NOT essential
  • Clear screen layout
  • Mouse and keyboard support

Simply move from one area to the next – logical and intuitive

  • Built-in‘safety net’ to highlight numeric input errors outside normal parameters for butterfat etc. Figures can be altered to reflect each months pricing if the main structure changes

Once monthly data has been entered:

Enables instant discussion of the results using a variety of on-screen options

  • Can assess the customers’ particular areas of interest

Easily adapt the output to their requirements

  • Print out reports highlighting specifics

Reporting Options are many and varied:

  • By  double-clicking on any of the figures, a graph is produced showing the annual trend of the particular variable chosen

Great discussion points – easy to visualise trends

  • Figures can be viewed by month, rolling or as three comparable linear years

Printout Options are flexible:

  • Pre-set reports included for a quick start
  • Choose from over 90 factors to create your own printed reports
  • Annual trends alongside monthly and rolling figures
  • Preferred formats can be saved for multiple use
  • Emphasise particular factors to inform customers in greater detail
  • Customise with your own logo
  • Rolling Average Table
  • Gross Margin report
  • Herd depreciation
  • Progressive Results monitor
  • Statistics reported in many different variables, split into 10% bands plus minima, maxima and weighted average

Easy to interpret graphic printouts give the farmer a clear indication of trends over time and where improvements can or have been made.

All reports can be printed to pdf format then emailed to a customer at a later date if necessary.

  • to give ranking by numerous factors which can be adapted to suit your company.
  • League tables can give you access to some of the most sought after information in the industry.
  • Customers find the ability to benchmark invaluable
  • Cements a regular relationship with your customers

In Summary:

  • Stimulates discussion on-farm
  • Builds customer reliance
  • Create the need for regular visits
  • Use benchmarking info effectively
  • Highlights areas to improve
  • Become invaluable!

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