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Whatever your farm type Datag Farm Accountant is designed to help manage the farm business, from day to day accounting to budgets, VAT, cash flows, unit cost of production analysis and trend spotting. Farm Accountant is an all-round tool for the practical farmer who wants to understand the cost of production quickly and easily. Datag Farm Accountant will make your life easier.

Simplicity is the key…
We concentrate on making our software easy to follow and simple to use and it is this down to earth approach to farm software that is widely appreciated by our customer base, which grows largely by recommendation.

Simple Data Entry

  • Using information from cheque book, bank statement and paying-in book, together with invoices, it is a straightforward task to tackle the monthly accounts
  • Logical step by step layout and on-screen instructions make transaction entries a pleasure!

Income entries, contras, part exchanges, Vat fuel scale charges etc. can all be dealt with on one screen following this simple entry format.

  • Transactions can be swiftly analysed
  • Break down into headings, subheadings, no.of tonnes/litres etc. and allocate to specific enterprises
  • This allows for more detailed production cost and gross margin information

Flexibility without compromise

  • Comprehensive facilities enable complete customisation of the system
  • Farm Accountant can cope with multi-enterprise farms and businesses with multiple farms
  • Add enterprise and heading names to accurately reflect your own business

All main headings can be split down up to 50 times to help analyse costs.

This gives you detail, simply and quickly – if you can’t measure costs you can’t manage them!

Logical Month-End Routines

  • Bank Reconciliation
  • VAT figures
  • ‘Balance Watch’
  • Integrated budget and actual reports
  • On-screen summaries
  • Data back up

So what can the Farm Accountant Show you about your business?

  • Taking the information you have entered by doing the monthly accounts, the system can show you the business from numerous angles
  • Pence per unit analysis, including per litre and per kilo
  • Rolling trading profit, plus cash generation position and flow
  • A wealth of reports can be generated designed to help highlight peaks  and troughs, business efficiencies and areas for improvements

Within the Datag Farm Accountant is a full Budget and Cash Flow tool, enabling you to plan ahead, then track your business performance against actual results. This is one of the key benefits of using Datag and will justify the purchase many times over.

Monitoring change

  • Regular monthly basis
  • All income and expenditure
  • Measured against plan

Farm Accountant has been designed to enable you to get the most out of your monthly figures
It takes the headaches out of VAT, bank reconciliation, contras and all the monthly admin

There are loads of features to help you plan and monitor your  business, from trading trends, budgets and cash flows and gross margin analysis, to enterprise costings

A secure grasp of the farm business pays dividends quickly!

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