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Dirt Software supports operators of bulldozers, scrapers, and blades with the information they need to make the right contours the first time, based on accurate information. Included Topo™ Software gathers topographic information, or existing or plan topography can be uploaded in DXF, CSV, LANDXML formats.

AMW’s proprietary Vertical Curve Technology™ (VCT™) controls grade changes in the smallest increments possible, producing accurate surfaces within the limits of the machine being controlled.

Multiple levels mean investment only in the capability required for each operation’s productivity:

  • Guidance only
  • Machine control and automatic blade control
  • Machine control, automatic blade control, and cross slope
  • Machine control, automatic blade control, cross slope, and blade rotation

Dirt Software can inform or control single-plane blades, scrapers, box blades, drag blades, or back blades; can control grade and slope for dozers with blade tilt, and graders and asphalt pavers, including blade rotation for long slope and cross slope.

Working with Other AMW Software Products

Dirt Software includes Topo Software as a component to collect 3D survey data, and accepts designs created in WaterCourse™ Tile or Dual Design Software.

Learning to Use Dirt Software

Training is available through participating dealers.

Increase your land-forming and site preparation productivity with Dirt Software. Locate a dealer near you or contact AMW Machine Control.

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