SemiosBio Technologies Inc.

Disease Model Conditions and Risk Evaluation Software


Locally driven disease models integrated with on-site sensors.


Disease Monitoring
Per acre fireblight, cherry mildew and apple scab models.


Disease Trends & Risk Evaluation
Forecast future disease trends from regional weather and site history.


Risk Warning Notifications
Set alerts and thresholds for disease outbreak levels.


Active Condition Guard
Set alerts for on-site activities that could spread disease.

Semios’ portal allows instant disease risk thresholds according to on-site conditions and past history. Understand exactly what parts of your ranch are susceptible with per acre modelling and regional forecasting.

  • View dashboard and per acre information on disease risk
  • View historical risk in the area and weekly trends
  • Set alerts and thresholds based on risk potential


For disease, Semios integrates cutting edge leaf-wetness sensors to alert you of potential disease triggers including watering events, dew or rainfall. Sensors can be placed anywhere in the field based on prior history of disease or potential for damage.

  • Monitor and set alerts for wetting events
  • Identify both rain and dew
  • Reduce the risk of accidental disease outbreak

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