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DokuPlant LT Is icompatible with the AGROffice advisory system for analyses and data-bundling. Easy collection of data by field specific documentation is as start-up module, upgradeable at any time. The documentation of any activity including where and when it happened is a bases to control any enterprise. Recent disasters in the production of food have encouraged the authorities to establish legal frameworks to enable traceability of any food product.


The gateway-software module DokuPlant LT contains an expert-database (KTBL) which includes e.g. crops, fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, machines, all of them provided with prices. The possibility to choose from these data when recording the daily activities, makes this easy to learn software extremely user-friendly. Any activity can also be visualised with the time scale. And beside that, all recordings are listed in ajournal to have an overview,.

The documentation of agricultural activities becomes more and more important. To get subsidies it's already obligatory to do documentation and this duty will expand to further fields in the future. Even consumers are getting increasingly more interested and ask to know how their food was when and where produced. Doing documentation enables quality assurance and brings an enormous advantage in competition along.


DokuPlant LT is the start-up software for a modern and professional business management. The modular structure of AGROffice enables it to upgrade DokuPlant LT to further software-modules at any time. The software is compatible with the mandatory version of e.g. advisory services. After data exchanges analyses and planning for whole regions can be done. Further more, each single farmer has the possibility to use the functionalities of the add-on AGROffice-modules, offered by the advisory service.

The number of customers asking for high-quality products is increasing and will influence the production of foodstuff more and more.

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