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Drone Control is a flight control and field level management software like nothing that is been developed.  Offered exclusively through Crop Copter and our dealers, Drone Control uses entry level UAVs to capture RBG images in a field.  Just like all of the other flight control apps right?  Not quite.  Instead of using a third part software that makes you create an area to fly, Drone Control uses the CLU (common land unit) of the field.  CLUs are used by many companies in agriculture. If you have field boundaries, you can use those too.

In the last 5 years, the UAV market has not only come into existence, it is now starting to form trends and needs in specific industries.  At Crop Copter, we have been fortunate enough to participate and lead in this area.  The entry level UAV market continues to grow.  Having an easy to use platform and system is essential.  On the high end side, management of the data and being able to make decisions with the information we have collected is key.

Eighteen months ago we started a project.  Not really knowing where it would go, we started to develop a relationship with Agrible.  We were both from Champaign County in Illinois and we both had some great ideas.  Crop Copter was pretty good with UAVs and Agrible was pretty good with weather and data management and data extraction.  Our idea was to work together to build something that had not been built, by actual Midwest growers, to benefit U.S. Agriculture.  We called our relationship Midwest Made.  On Februay 1st we launch our first product called Drone Control.
Based on the CLU or field boundary, Drone Control automatically calculates the flight path.  In doing so, it segments the field into 1 acre grids.  As the UAV is flying its automated mission, the software triggers the camera to take pictures that instantly come back on your tablet to fill in your grid.  When the UAV lands after completed its mission, on the tablet in front of you, you now have a group of images in grids that encompass your field.  This is disruptive technology and there is nothing like it anywhere on the market, but we are just getting started.
Now that you have the information, you can start to look for problems in your fields in real time. Since each grid represents and equal portion of your field, you now, using your finger, can highlight each of these areas and the software automatically calculates the area that is effected. Each problem has a different color.  We have focused on hail, wind, pest, mechanical damage, weeds, water, herbicide and other to start.  Each image than can be selected and drilled down even more.  Same process, just now sub acre.  You have all this information within seconds.  A 80 acre field takes about 12 minutes to set-up, fly, and have the information to make a decision.

It just keeps getting better.  With the purchase of a Crop Copter Agribundle, you will be getting a Morning Farm Report (MFR) account for FREE!  MFR retails for $1,999.  MFR is an amazing tool.  Each flight and its images will automatically upload into your farm and field hierarchy when your device acquires a WiFi signal.  Drone Control will be the first tool that automatically stores all of your flights by Client, Farm and Field in the industry.  This package is truly disruptive technology. There is much more coming from Crop Copter as we build up to the 2017 growing season.  This is going to be fun!

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