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Easy Dairy Live Mobile Herd Management Software


We are very excited that the Easy Dairy Live mobile app is finally nearing completion.

The Goals

  • Easy Dairy Herd Management in your pocket.
  • Offline mode. Australia is a big place and mobile coverage can be poor or non-existent in many rural areas. Therefore all processing must be done on the devices.
  • Apple & Android compatible
  • Longer term
    • Integration with automation systems.
    • Live shed information available during milking.
    • Auto drafting

Where are we at now?

7th May 2019

This week we are very excited to be testing our data replication. This is the transfer and storage of  data entered into one Easy Dairy System to another Easy Dairy System.

Events or data entered into one of your Easy Dairy Systems will be sent via the internet to your other Easy Dairy Systems when an internet connection is available. We are testing this across all of our systems.

  • Easy Dairy Desktop
  • Easy Dairy Automation Systems
  • Easy Dairy Live Mobile

This is fantastic news for people using more than one Easy Dairy System as backups will no longer be required to be taken between computers. This also means that you will always have an up to date backup copy of your data in the cloud.

Your favorite herd management software in your pocket.

  • Enter health and reproductive events when they happen.
  • Check management and attention groups anywhere.
  • Cow reproduction and production information in your pocket.
  • Check calving and dry off calendars to see who is due now.
  • Stock take semen tanks and drug stocks

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