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eCommerce and Mobile Shopping PackageCORE Software have developed and continue to develop new and innovating ways to link the COREretail® software to your online customers. Online retail opens up your Hardware and DIY business to a 24×7 market, no longer restricted by opening hours or to a bricks and mortar premises. CORE Software clients can potentially sell worldwide at any time of the day. Linking front end websites through the eCommerce API interfaces, allows product details, orders, customers details to securely interact with the COREretail® software. Whether sales are captured through an online website, mobile apps or from sales reps, they are all available on the system as if the sale was made in-store. It is a seamless multichannel experience for your customer.

We can also provide the hosted service for Online Shopping. This service ensures that the flow of data between the clients’ servers and the hosted servers is seamless, secure and real-time and thus protects the integrity of the data.

The COREonline® eCommerce Module provides the Master Data and Pricing Engine to any front-end website. CORE maintains all of the data and images required for Online Sales using standard maintenance functions. Our eCommerce Interfaces send this information to your website where it is displayed within your online shop. This gives you the freedom to design your own website while retaining the power of the CORE Software Solution.

One of the key benefits of the solution is that there is no duplication of master or transaction data. There is only one database for all customer, product, pricing and inventory data.This eliminates the need for managing an online business separate from your branch business.Any changes you make to products, prices, customers and stock levels are automatically available on the website, without the need for manual intervention by you. This ensures that your customers receive their specific pricing, discounts, credit terms and promotions Online as well as In-Store.

CORE provides the Order Fulfilment to manage all transactions from the website. Online Orders, cash or credit, flow through the standard Order to Cash workflow in the COREretail system,eliminating the requirement to implement separate processes for online orders.

Our Mobile integration on secure handheld devices allows “out of office” interaction with CORE Software modules. Your staff can access the system securely and remotely; via a laptop, tablet or smart phone to view information relating to a customer’s trading, sales, CRM and credit details. This information can be accessed right down to transaction level. This can be used by field sales representatives, when they are in front of the customer, to assist in identifying trends in customer buying patterns and opportunities for further sales.

CORE Software has developed specific applications for mobile and tablet use which will allow your customers to raise orders on any mobile or tablet device, (iPhone, Android or Windows). In addition there are several Apps for back office procurement approval, credit control and stock checking.

CORE Customer Self Service effectively reduces paperwork and administration by giving your trade customers secure online access to their account details anytime, anywhere. Account data is presented clearly and comprehensively in real time, so customers can see up-to-date details of orders, deliveries, payments and statements. Our use of the very latest in security keeps all data completely safe, and ensures that new orders and transactions can be conducted online in confidence.

CORE Customer Self Service has proven to be an inexpensive yet efficient means of notifying customers about promotions, policies or changes in regulatory procedures. Easy-to-use, with intuitive navigation, it can be customised to incorporate your own branding, logos and website presentation. One of the key features of the CSS system is that it is compatible with all operating systems, and can be deployed on all laptops, tablets and smartphones. The same benefits apply to CORE’s mobile order entry app, which allows your customers to raise orders on any type of mobile phone: iPhone, Android or Windows.

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