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The EFR User Terminal (BBS) is the user’s access point to the EFR system. It connects the client to EFR’s central computer and permits transmission of independent command telegrams for control and setup of the receiver. To operate the EFR system, all that you need is a conventional PC and EFR’s special software. The software converts the computer into a user terminal with which each system user can carry out his radio ripple control tasks. The MSR Client adds the ability to connect external hardware via potential-free contacts and incorporation into existing control technologies. If desired, a monitor receiver can send back the radio-transmitted telegrams, in order to close the monitoring loop.


The EFR Professional User Terminal (BBS) is the expandable multi-user terminal for the EFR system.

The EFR Professional User Terminal connects via EFR Sat Connect.
This is a redundant-design concept and thus extremely stable, ensuring smooth and secure access to the central computer thanks to its backup communication channel via satellite.

The EFR Professional Operator Station is designed as a multi-user system, in which the various users can be assigned different access rights by means of a consistent user administration system. Telegram sending is based on a telegram database, arranged in categories and with a tree structure, from which you can send your stored telegrams.

Sending Telegrams
There are three ways to send your telegram: by direct manual selection, selection at a specific point in time, or periodic sending. You can also set up telegrams for specific buttons, and send them immediately at the touch of a button.

The integral MSR Client, with its potential-free contacts, can be used to send telegrams automatically.
In addition, the purpose-developed Street Lighting MSR Client can be connected, which controls the sending of telegrams with reference to an astronomical gate and logic combinations of the inputs.

The Professional User Terminal can also be integrated, along with an MSR Client, directly into the control centre.

A monitor receiver can be added, to monitor the sending of telegrams, by comparing the sent telegrams with the database in the Professional User Terminal. This ensures that the required telegrams have been both sent and received.

The User Terminal also indicates the system status of all components at all times, and is equipped with a comprehensive database of reports in which to record administration, telegram transmissions and other actions.

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