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Brinsea have developed eggWISE bird breeding software specifically to help manage egg incubation. As successful bird breeders know, the key to good hatch rates is repeatability of correct incubation conditions and eggWISE helps breeders optimise their incubation conditions simply and easily.

  • Graphical egg weight loss analysis (either singly or by batch) to ensure the correct incubation humidity is used.
  • Fresh egg weight calculation. Allows the breeder to determine how far through incubation an egg is.
  • Full taxonomy database – alphabetical species list with incubation times.
  • Recording of breeding bird details and tracking of offspring.
  • Management of multiple incubators: which eggs are in which machine and records the individual incubator environmental settings used.
  • Automatic notification when an egg is due to be transferred to a hatcher or is due to hatch.
  • Daily ‘to do’ list.

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