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Electronic Forms For All Devices Android, iOS, & Windows


Formbuilder is Retrievers standalone tool for easily creating device agnostic electronic forms. Formbuilder eliminates any dependency on IT for ‘development’ when creating electronic forms or modifying existing forms. Once forms are defined with Formbuilder they can be distributed to any mobile device, smartphone or tablet running Window, iOS or Android without change. Forms built in Retriever Formbuilder can be embedded in a Mobile Retriever Application or be standalone.

Convert Word & Excel Documents
Formbuilder is an easy to use application for the business user to import and convert existing Microsoft Word documents, Excel spread sheets, or to completely design new forms to replace paper in the field. Formbuilder enables business users, not IT staff, to create, modify and distribute work forms to the necessary field workers.

  • Easy to create and distribute - Excel level skilled users can create and distribute forms
  • Conditional fields - Easily incorporate business logic with event defined and conditional fields
  • Mandatory fields - Ensure adherence with business protocols through mandatory fields
  • Various data inputs - Data can be captured using an on-board camera, GPS, drop-down list, signature screen and barcodes
  • Device agnostic - Forms created in Formbuilder are device agnostic


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