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Enablon ASM is personalized and adapted to each company's specific organization and processes. In an environment that grows more complex each day and changes at an ever-increasing pace, a company’s ability to control legal, financial, and business decisions is essential to economic efficiency. Standard tools that do not provide an overview of all delegations and day-to-day management quickly become problematic. Authorization delegations are essential to a company’s ability to effectively manage internal controls and operations. Tools that can provide companies with a global view of all authorization delegations, including any changes to them, have become indispensable.

With Enablon ASM, companies can regain control over authorizations and delegations management. Benefits include:

Comprehensive and instant overview of delegations within the company

Easy access to information

  • The ease-of-use and power of Enablon’s solution saves time and resources that would otherwise be spent finding, collecting, and monitoring delegation information.

Accurate and continually up-to-date

  • Full archive of delegations per person and per company with graphical representation of the delegation hierarchy

Automated generation of authorizations

  • Sends alerts by email, and other letters generated (account opening letters, powers of attorney, etc.)

Enablon ASM is personalized and adapted to each company’s specific organization and processes.

This comprehensive solution offers functionalities for the management and monitoring of authorizations, signatures, and expenditure decisions:

  • Management of the delegation tree, adapted to each company’s structure and organization
  • Management of delegators and delegates and the entities they belong to
  • Electronic validation of delegations; email alerts and secure electronic signatures
  • Management of the company’s systems of reference: physical and legal persons, banks, agencies and bank accounts
  • Creation of delegations, authorizations, and letters through a document generator
  • Integrated IBAN code verification module
  • Management of documents attached to delegations (collection of signatures, etc.)
  • Tracking of information through systematic data archiving

The Enablon Difference

  • The most comprehensive platform for Sustainability, EHS and Risk Management
  • Used by more than 1 million users in 160 countries across all industries
  • Recognized by industry analysts across all product areas
  • Accessible anywhere, anytime on laptops, tablets and smartphones
  • A complete range of usage options, from SaaS to hosted and on-premises
  • A flexible technology which can be tailored to each company’s processes and organization
  • A global network of partners providing consulting, services, content and technology

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