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- Corrective Action / Improvement Module


equation's Corrective Action/“Improvement” Module has a wide variety of applications and uses that help solve problems and issues: Process Corrective Actions, Preventive Actions, Customer Complaints, Continual Improvements, Supplier Corrective Actions, Employee Suggestions, Remediation or other items, all online. Users can enter, administer, determine root cause, take action, review, close out communications, and follow up on each improvement item on line. Customize each Improvement type with fields of information pertinent to your operation. Generate reports to monitor status of improvement actions and analyze results. Upload/Download Improvement data from or to a spreadsheet. Send Improvement Reports to management, customers, suppliers for review and analysis. Maintain and document a complete history to each improvement item.

This powerful module can be used in conjunction with the Data Collection Module to generate corrective actions on failed audit or inspection items. Improve supplier performance dramatically with automated tracking and documentation of corrective actions. Keep customers up to date on continual improvements. Keep employees informed on the status of their suggestions.

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