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Suffering from a gigantic, paper-based workload? Experiencing less than ideal communication between animal techs, PI's, and vets? Have inaccuracies in rodent number reporting or costing? Every day SmartLab improves how facilities manage thousands of animals. You’ll see operational efficiencies in many areas, improved animal care, increased communication, and higher data integrity, while saving time and reducing costs.


Ensure proper animal welfare while performing valuable research with the intuitive, easy to use SmartLab™ solution by Edstrom. SmartLab provides your facility with unsurpassed data integrity by eliminating manual record keeping, delivering time-stamped data, and securely storing facility information. The web-based animal management platform enhances communication throughout all levels of the research and animal care team, creating confidence in process follow through and task completion. 

SmartLab is the one location for information on all your animals. Users can enter and retrieve information on everything from protocol management, to tracking animal movement, animal records, task completion, and colony management. Point of care has never been easier. 

  • SmartLab Applications Include:
  • Protocol Management
  • Colony Management
  • Animal Logistics
  • Per Diem and Services Reporting
  • Animal Catalog
  • Workflow Planning
  • Animal Records
  • Reporting
  • Task Management

  • Easy protocol submittal and tracking increases efficiency for researchers and helps you manage the status of multiple researcher protocols.
  • Assists with resource planning by providing visibility to incoming studies and ones nearing completion.
  • Improves animal welfare through real-time animal observations and communication.
  • Whenever there are critical triggers, SmartLab sends notifications to the user's main page. For example, notifications are sent to the animal owner and veterinarian when an animal’s health status has changed.
  • Workflow planning aids researchers and managers in planning and scheduling animal-related work and enhances communication between all roles involved.
  • Streamlined bill creation automatically links completed tasks with associated costs while tracking the total.
  • The flexible reporting module features user-defined reports such as the Breeding Pair Report, Strain Litter Size Report, and Cage Ownership Report.

Questx's Core.
Animal and protocol management are at the core of Questx. You can record and track mating pairs, log litter information, and attach genealogy data to new offspring. Individual animal information and health records include animal ID, gender, species, strain, genetic modifications, origin, age, availability status, ancestry, protocol, location, and history of all services.

Colony Management
By adding Colony Management to the core modules, end users will have the ability to record and track mating pairs, mating dates, plug dates, pregnancy status, birth rates, and the number and sex of the pups per litter. Additionally, the study, strain, mating cage and mating type (Normal, Crossing, or Backcrossing) are recorded. An animal’s individual history, siblings, and pedigree tables are all included under the animal record.

Animal Records
Staff can easily search for a specific animal and create user defined animal groups. Individual animal information and health records include animal ID, gender, species, strain, genetic modifications, origin, age, availability status, ancestry, protocol, location, and history of all services. The availability and animal status are easily maintained by an appropriate animal care staff member.

Protocol Management
The Protocol Management module focuses on increasing efficiencies related to the initial application process, tracking the status of protocols, and viewing animal usage. Using Questx, the study director defines protocol requirements including the protocol name, pain/distress level, validity period, and the number of animals required. Application documentation is easily attached to the protocol number during the application process. Only after the protocol is approved, can animals be ordered.

Per Diem and Services Reporting
This reporting module gathers the costs of both housing and any additional services provided. The Per Diem and Services Reporting application can integrate with a facility’s current billing system and/or generate a PDF document for invoicing.

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