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EZfeed feed management software brings feed management to a whole new level. Combining EZfeed software for PC and the Pocket EZfeed application for a mobile handheld device, feed operations can easily solve basic feed management problems. You’ll have increased efficiency and cow health, resulting in better milk production and huge savings on feed costs. EZfeed software is used to feed over 2.3 million cattle. Find out why our software is the ultimate feed management tool.


With just a few simple steps, you’re ready to streamline your feed management. Your EZfeed software will do the rest. Simply enter your feed ingredients, rations, and pens, then transfer the information to the Pocket EZfeed application on a handheld device and you are ready start the feed process.

While loading feed, the Pocket EZfeed application is interfaced with the mixer-scale indicator, displaying each ingredient name and weight to be loaded.

After loading, it displays the pens to be fed as well as the amount to be unloaded.


While feeding, the Pocket EZfeed application captures detailed information from the feeder that is critical to managing and monitoring feed delivery, ingredients, rations, cattle, feeders and equipment.

After feeding, it syncs the captured results with EZfeed software for PC, producing analysis through reports and graphs to help you manage decisions about feeding proceedures in order to dramitically improve efficiency and costs.


EZfeed software is the only feed management tool on the market that directly targets real feed management problems, giving feed managers the power to make informed decisions about feed mixing and delivery. Consistency results in an efficient feed operation and better cow health, while providing accountability for feeders.

In feed operations, nutritionists, managers or feeders may commonly make separate nutrition decisions with feed rationing. The differences in these decisions can cause discrepencies in the feeding process. EZfeed software helps eliminate feeding discrepencies while maintaining a single feed ration. This optimizes feed costs that directly affect the bottom line, and improves cow health through correct mixing of feed ingredients.

EZfeed software can help dramatically improve your bottom line through efficient management of ingredient usage, contracts, inventory, and even milk production.

Analyze, Report and Maintain Data

Powerful reports and graphs reveal important data on the desktop or on a mobile handheld. Backup your data as well as import and export that data for even more management options.

Accountability Features

EZfeed software allows monitoring of the entire feed process for efficiency and provides accountability for feeders by providing instant feedback on mixing performance. These are extra assurances provided to help keep feed operations running the way they should.

Professional Service and Support

The EZfeed product is amazing and has even more amazing technical support behind it. DHI-Provo provides a 24/7 toll free phone number, email, regional and annual training meetings, live support through the Internet and the optional EZfeed Reader module for working with Nutritionists, Consultants, Suppliers, Owners, and Managers.

Product Versions and Options

Every cattle or dairy operation runs differently. DHI-Provo can provide you with an EZfeed software version and options, tailored for your needs.

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