Land F/X



F/X CAD 2016 is an Autodesk authorized version of AutoCAD created specifically to support Land F/X.


The Land F/X software requires a CAD platform to function. F/X CAD is a geniune AutoCAD license, supported and maintained by Land F/X for Land F/X.

Our clean new design matches the simple style of the Land F/X ribbons, with larger buttons and titles for easy reading. Tailored specifically to landscape architects and irrigation designers, the new ribbon streamlines your drafting process by consolidating the AutoCAD tools you use most.

Read More about the ribbon customizations we've made for you.

What F/X CAD can do:

Insert raster image
Insert DGN, DXF, DWG (R12 – 2015)
Insert PDF underlay
Export as PDF
Save As DWF, DXF, DWG (R12 – 2015), PS
Object transparency
Express Tools
Annotation Scale
Command-line auto-complete
CUI Editor
Sheet Set Manager
SketchUp Connection
Further, Land F/X will be your technical support
channel for any and all CAD issues.

What F/X CAD can't do:

Autodesk 360
Live Maps
Autodesk Seek
Autodesk Materials Library
Autodesk Inventor Fusion
Autodesk CAD Manager
Autodesk Content Service
3D Editing commands
Lighting, Rendering, Materials commands
AutoLISP capability
ARX, DotNet capability
Action recorder
Third-party tool capability (M-Color, etc.)

Move/Copy Performance Boost

  • While you use the Move or Copy commands, the copy that follows the cursor no longer 'redraws.' The copy is instantly visible, making it easier and faster to place the objects.
New System Variable: XREFOVERRIDE
  • Override all layer properties in all xrefs so they behave as if By Layer, right from your main drawing
Geometric Center Object Snap
  • Snap to the center of any closed polyline, including rectangles and other polygons, as if they are circles.
Revision Cloud Enhancements
  • Revision clouds now behave like polylines, making them easier to edit.
Dimensions Use MText
  • Text overrides on dimensions now support text wrapping with new MText capabilities.
PDF Enhancements
  • Panning and zooming in F/X CAD with an attached PDF is now faster.
  • Optimized PDF output with smaller file sizes.
  • Exported PDFs now include:
    • Searchable text
    • Hyperlink support
    • Sheet set links (in exported multisheet PDFs)
Text Frame Property for MText
  • The Properties palette now includes an option to give a MText object a border.
High-fidelity Lines and Curves
  • Curves are now true curves – not line segments – at any zoom level.
  • Turn on 'High Quality Geometry' from your Hardware Acceleration options to see the difference!

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