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It will take you literally two seconds to learn what’s going on with your cows. What’s the number of animals in each of the feeding groups and general status groups? What’s our latest milk yield and financial result? You name it, Farmboard has it.

From conception rate to number of calvings, Farmboard gives you a clear perspective on your herd’s current fertility state. Milk/herd snapshot gives you a stunning insight into your animal’s productivity compared to their gynecological status.

The quality of your milk is an imperative, no excuses here. Average protein, fat, and SCC, lactation yield and 305 yield parameters will clearly signal the trend of your milking production. Farmboard will make sure you react to some negative trends on time.

Farmeron knows your farm is a business like any other business out there. Take a smart look into the financial trends of your production and act on it, right away. From feeding costs to milk revenue, Farmboard will keep you posted on your most important financial metrics.

Managing your cows just got a whole lot easier.

Intuitive animal list

Our animal list is the most advanced herdbook you have ever met. You’ll love it at first sight. Here’s just a piece of it: multi-parameter animal data filtering, on-spot reporting and grouping - you name it, we have it.

Lightning fast data import

If you already have your animal data stored in a spreadsheet (or some other herd database), Farmeron will instantly import it into our database and you’ll get the full experience seconds after that. We will also give you chance to review and edit your data before the import.

Create holding pens

Farmeron allows you to create custom groups of animals - holding pens. Pens are your virtual groups which often resemble the real-life groups you’re using to group animals on your farm (according to animal housing needs, reproductive status, health status or something else). Creating pens and moving animals from one to another is super-easy.

Flexible feeding groups

Feeding groups are basic logical groups of animals in Farmeron. We deeply believe in the need to feed animals properly in each of the life or reproduction phases - and we’ve created a set of different feeding groups for our farmers to use. Farmeron is here to create a standard in how we define, group and manage feeding groups on our farms. Take a look!

Animal statuses

Farmeron recognizes 7 general animal life cycle stages: Milk, Heifer, Dry cow, Dry heifer, Calf, Calf (male) and Bull. We’ve created these after industry-standards observed in the largest dairy countries in the world. Also, all animals eligible for production are marked as Active, while the ones entering Farmeron but still not ready for production are marked as Pending. It makes herd management a breeze.

Get to know each animal. And learn how to boost their performance.

Production activity

A cow’s production activity is carefully being recorded and maintained in an intuitive set of Farmeron pages and controls known as the Animal profile. From feeding and health to weighing and milking performance, you have it all in a single place. No need to extract data from a complicated database. Everything you ever needed to know about your animals is right here, just take a quick look.

Economic performance

Knowing your animal’s economic performance will help you decide if it makes sense to invest in the animal’s future. When does your animal start to produce more than it costs you? Farmeron provides you with the ability to focus on each animal and its data. This helps you make critical decisions like culling earlier and makes them more accurate.

Events timeline

Farmeron’s animal profile gives you a simple chronological overview of every single event that ever happened to your animal. Wondering what happened with cow number 483 on October 1st 2007? Easy to do.

Add supporting files

The animal profile allows you to upload a set of different supporting documents to describe and store information about your animal. Insurance docs, pictures, videos - it’s all carefully stored, and you will never have to worry about losing them again.

Document all animal entries and exits. Done in a blink of an eye.

Track animal purchases and sales

Does purchasing and selling animals sound familiar to you? Of course it does. Having trouble with a bunch of papers and forms to manage the process? Most likely. Farmeron makes sure you record every single animal entry and exit. Print out cattle receipts and dispatch forms - on a click of a button.

Barn migrations

Farmeron allows you to easily move your animals from one barn to another. Easier than migrating the animals in real life, for sure.

Maximize profits by optimizing feed costs. On autopilot.

Powerful daily feeding orders

Are you tired of managing countless animal feed recipes on papers and in spreadsheets? Worry no more: Farmeron brings a cutting-edge technology for automated feed distribution tracking. Create daily feeding orders for different feeding groups and just forget about managing them ever again (until you need to edit the recipe). The cost of the feed will be automatically added to production performance reports and graphs, and here’s the beauty: it can be done under 5 minutes.

Analyze your feed’s nutritional value

Imagine knowing exactly how much you will earn from feeding your animals with a certain feeding bill of material. It’s called feeding efficiency: Farmeron will examine the nutritional value of your feeding components and give you tools to optimize quality, structure and cost of the animal daily feed intake. All while caring about nutritional demands of the animal itself. It’s awesome and we’re proud to have it available for all our customers!

Helpful feed distribution plans

Farmeron will prepare simple feed loading instructions for your farm workers. No need to do it manually - get all the feed quantities and distribution schedules figured out on time.

It’s all about milk: choose your milking machine and get a complete picture in minutes.

Fast milking results import

Collect all your milking data from whatever milking machine you’re using. And if we don’t support your machine at this moment, let us know and we’ll build the integration point in 24 hours.

Analyze milk quality and trends

Quickly upload results into Farmeron and instantaneously unleash the power of dairy analytics. Compare your milking results with various parameters like the weather and fertility data and get a fresh insight into the milking trends forming on your farm.

Standardized milk sales forms

You’ve produced the milk - now what? Of course, milk sales and dispatch process. Farmeron makes sure you have all the accompanying docs in order and carefully stored.

Know every step of the reproduction cycle. Your farm’s future depends on it.

Fertility events and status tracking

Each of the animals on your farm walks through it’s life following an incredible reproduction path. Farmeron keeps track of every single important fertility event and places your animals into several important gynecological stages: Open, Birth, Heat, Inseminated, PD- (pregnancy not diagnosed), PD+ (pregnancy diagnosed), Aborted and Not for insemination. Never miss an important fertility event again.

Fertility snapshot

Farmeron gives you this powerful yet simple graph showing your animal’s fertility path. Each of the dots is one of your cows making it’s way towards better performance.

Keep them healthy and happy

Health checks are the most important veterinary routines known in the dairy universe. Farmeron’s database of animal health issues and treatments will guide you through the process of helping your animals to overcome their problems. Cows will be thankful, and your records will be in good hands.

Become a master of resource management. It’s the heart of your cost structure.

Intuitive storages

Farmeron will help you easily define and maintain your material records. The system will control your supplies and consumption, and let you know when you’re approaching your minimum order quantity threshold.

Partners, Barns, Machinery

There’s a whole new world of possibilities out there: Farmeron brings innovative resource management right at your doorstep. Bring your partners into the system and start doing business with them right away. Create barns and start placing your animals inside (before the winter comes). Describe the machines you’re using to.

Powerful graphs and reports to guide your decisions. Right on time.

Financial performance

Our team at Farmeron has developed a series of helpful graphs for you to quickly learn how profitable your farm operation actually is. You will never look back.

Herd planning

Discover the hidden potential of your herd and learn more about what it takes to get to the next level. Farmeron allows you to carefully plan the growth of your herd and figure out what’s needed to get there.

...and we have a ton more.

Graphs and reports you’ll actually use:

  • Feed and water distributed vs. Milk produced
  • Nutrition consumed vs. Milk produced
  • Feed nutritional analysis
  • Feed carbohydrate structure analysis
  • Somatic cell count overview
  • Production vs. Weather
  • Sexed semen success overview
  • Insemination and pregnancy overview
  • Days after calving vs. Milk compared to herd average
  • Days after calving vs. Current lactation
  • Insemination conception rate

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