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The most comprehensive corn management system that includes 3 tools in 1. Available in FarmCommand, Corn Manager is the first corn management system that combines effective nitrogen management, highest frequency satellite imagery and accurate crop staging into one easy-to-use tool. Driven by more field-centric variables than any other model on the market, Corn Manager provides accurate recommendations specific to your fields. Whether you manage your corn as fields or production zones, Corn Manager makes achieving your yield targets easy.


Our approach to nitrogen management begins with field-centric data. On-farm weather stations and zone-based soil sampling contribute to our nitrogen model – one driven by more field-centric variables than any other model in the industry. Designed to assist you in reaching your targeted yields, Corn Manager provides daily updates on the status of nitrogen levels on a zone-by-zone basis. Three statuses indicate nitrogen levels are either good, low or will be low within seven days. With information like that, you can ensure top-up applications are hitting the plants at just the right time.


With Corn Manager, you’ll gain access to high-resolution, highest frequency satellite imagery. That means you’ll receive more Field Variability and Crop Health Maps throughout the season. With such regular insight into the progress of your crops, you can recognize possible issues earlier and take corrective actions to ensure you hit your targeted yields.

Crop Health Maps

Posted regularly throughout the season, Crop Health Maps allow you to monitor the in-season vegetative health of your crops. Using NDVI detection and powerful analytics, Crop Health Maps help you identify issues and track the progress of your crops.


Driven by field-centric data, including weather information directly from your fields, Corn Manager provides accurate corn staging information. This information includes the current stage of your corn crops as well as estimated dates for future critical growth stages. This means you can save time while scouting and plan your operations well in advance.

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