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Cropdata recognises that there are varied arable enterprises often with aspects specific to one farm. CROPdata offers a simple system to monitor output and performance in an arable enterprise. It lets you organise the season’s soil preparation and cropping routines, monitor yields, keep track of production costs and stock all in the one easy-to-use Windows system.


Introducing CROPdata to your arable business requires no more than the preparation of a cropping plan -- as you would do anyway.


Once stock records have been set up you only have to enter purchases. The system will automatically calculate input use from the work carried out and adjust the stock records accordingly.


  • Field listings gives principal cropping details of each field.
  • Planner allows you to produce a detailed plan of your intended cropping along with a list of your input requirements.
  • Completed operations: full details at any time of costs, application rates and outputs by field, crop, farm or holding.
  • LERAP and Quality Assurance reports.
  • Commodity costings selective analysis of costs by crop, variety, farm and also harvest year.
  • Comparative costings comparing performance between crops or holdings.
  • Historical reports: full details are held for all previous cropping enabling you to report on all past performance and usage.
  • Selective reporting allows you to design the reports you need for your individual requirements.
  • IACS reports and calculations.

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