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Dairydata is the simple, cost-effective windows program for recording and managing the total milk enterprise. By using individual cow records as the basis for a model of the herd, DAIRYdata generates information for more effective unit management. Included are all the required statutory reports.

A complete record of all youngstock is also maintained to give totally integrated herd management.

Instant data on herd performance.

By scanning and analysing records, as they change from week to week, DAIRYdata provides you with an instant record of current progress.

Positive management role.

DAIRYdata plays a positive management role by alerting staff when action is needed, highlighting cow performance, or changes of status which might require attention.

Simple methods of recording and managing.

Introducing DAIRYdata is a straightforward procedure. Input requirements are for the information on each cow, her lactation history, and your particular herd management style. The data can often be imported direct from existing computer records.

These requirements are not strict and should cause no problems to your existing record keeping arrangements. With the system set up all that is required from you is a regular, brief data entry routine. This is no more than you would record manually, calvings, services, sales, etc. and milk production totals. The rest you can leave to the computer.

Flexible to suit your own needs.

DAIRYdata is flexible in both input and output procedures to provide the best report facilities for your own individual needs.

Quota Management.

In addition to the normal management needs there is the ability to predict milk production ahead and assess it against quota.


The Standard report comprises:

Herd Listing - All cows milking are listed by calving month, with the details of individual performance, health and feeding.

Herd Statistics - Information on the performance of the whole herd over the current recording period and the preceding three recording periods, together with analysis of performance by calving month.

Fertility Summary - The system allows monitoring of fertility, including a list of service intervals, service success rates and calving index.

Group Margins - The report shows margin over feed costs for each management group as well as the whole herd.

Action List - This distinctive feature of the DAIRYdata system signals when management action is likely to be required. For example, returns to service, drying off, PD testing. This report can be produced any time giving the up to date picture on the day.

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