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Agricultural advisors around the world depend on the FarmLens NDVI Software Platform for monitoring crop health and supporting precision decisions in the field. Our integrated image processing and analytic service saves time: in about 10 minutes, you can upload hundreds of images from your drone flight and be freed up to attend to other concerns. No complex software, massive computing power, or costly upgrades required: the FarmLens cloud-based service is always up-to-date, doing the heavy lifting in the background.

Within a few business hours – usually overnight – your images are stitched and processed. Our consistently superb quality data presentation enables farmers to intuitively understand the results, make appropriate adjustments within the critical window, and see the effects of their interventions.


Using software on the ground control device (typically, a tablet, laptop, or smartphone), outline the area to be surveyed on a Google map. Program the flight, overlaying lines on the map to show the drone’s flight path. Upload to the NDVI UAV Drone of your choice via wireless link.


If using the Agribotix Enduro Agricultural Drone, takeoff, flight, and landing are completely autonomous (manual override allows the operator to avoid unexpected objects in the flight path, such as a manned plane). Complete the mission and upload the Drone NDVI Imagery from the field, directly to the FarmLens data processing and analytics platform.


Within a few business hours, your results are available for analysis. NDVI Field Health Maps reveal areas of concern within the field, providing detailed information about every square foot of the crop.

Once the FarmLens data has identified which areas of the field merit a closer look, ground truthing is a fast and easy way to confirm the results in a matter of minutes. Using a GPS-enabled smartphone or tablet, spot check the area identified by the Field Health Map. Determine the appropriate adjustments, and take action.

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