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FarmRite is the standard for efficiency and quality control, allowing GIS technicians to process more acres and to produce cutting-edge information reports in less time and with less stress. Used in conjunction with Summit Professional, FarmRite is the ideal solution for input suppliers and agronomists who want to offer decision-support products alongside their consulting or application services.

With FarmRite, the luxury of automation does not mean sacrificing customization. Agronomic equations, company logos, and map settings for information products are defined by your company and can vary by location. Using state-of-the-art servers, orders are processed quickly, data is stored securely, and decision support end-products are returned in a matter of minutes.


Move Beyond Mere Maps

At first glance, it can be difficult to distinguish between a map and an information report. A map is merely a visual record of spatial data, such as a yield map. Maps are interesting but limited in value. Information reports combine multiple layers of maps so that yield-determining correlations can be identified throughout your fields. From nutrient variability maps to correlation tables and hybrid/variety analysis by zones, FarmRite® moves beyond mere maps to the creation of valuable information reports.

Work Smarter with Automated Batch Processing

Farm GIS specialists are all too familiar with the mundane routine of processing data field by field. During busy seasons, long hours are spent performing the same repetitive mouse clicks. FarmRite ends the redundancy. By leveraging batch processing, FarmRite automates your data processing routine and returns the desired end products within minutes. Better yet, because the agronomy and product specifications have been set up in advance, you can order products from FarmRite before the data types are even available. FarmRite will 'listen' for when the data becomes available through your SyncNow relationships and automatically process your orders when the data is received.

Create Customized Mapbooks

Precision farming is ultimately about making and applying better management decisions. It's learning from one season to the next when and where improvements can be made across the farm to optimize inputs and increase yield. Customized FarmRite Mapbooks provide farmers with a library of records and analysis reports that they can study in order to make better management decisions. Page after page, these tangible products provide records of applied farm operations while revealing the personality of unique zones throughout a field. Coupled with yield-determining information reports, growers can use the Mapsbooks to guide management decisions for the coming season. 

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