- Farming App for iPad and Smartphone Apps



FarmWizard has leveraged on cloud computing technology to provide a farming app for smartphones which gives livestock managers complete access to their livestock information wherever and whenever they need it, meaning they can make timely business decisions based on accurate information.

The FarmWizard app runs on most Smartphone devices including i-Phone, iPad, Android or Blackberry phones and most modern tablet computers. This clever piece of farming software runs on your mobile device web browser and allows for the following:

  1. 1. Download a herd list when connected to a WiFi or mobile data connection. Once downloaded this information can be accessed whenever you are out on the farm and no longer connected to the Internet
  2. 2. Record a range of events on your phone events such as:
    1. a. Medical treatments,
    2. b. Newly born calves which can then be uploaded all the way through to BCMS if in GB or APHIS if in Northern Ireland.
    3. c. Inseminations and other dairy breeding events.
    4. d. Weighing events for single or groups of animals.
  3. 3. Recording events where and when they happen means that they are much more likely to be accurate rather than writing them down first on paper and later recording them when you next access a computer.
  4. 4. Use Geolocation technology to record events in fields such as Pasture Readings, fertiliser applications and other field events.

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