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The FarmWizard Milk Manager is aimed at milk producers who wish to improve their dairy herd fertility and thus maximize profits. It has the ability to record breeding events by mobile phone text message or PDA and can automatically alert farm managers to potential breeding opportunities.

Key Milk Manager features and benefits

Simple Setup

Initial Download –With Milk Manager all diary herd details plus calving history can be downloaded from APHIS in Northern Ireland and BCMS in Great Britain. This means that users don’t have to waste time manually adding data. Customers outside UK can submit Excel spreadsheets of existing data which can be imported into the application.

Effective Herd Management

  • Automatic Registration –Easily register herd births, deaths and stillborns on FarmWizard’s dairy software. Famers can also automate updates of APHIS or BCMS if preferred.
  • Herd Evaluation – Milk Manager uses industry approved statistics to monitor dairy herd performance with at-a-glance alerts if management action is required. This enhances herd performance.
  • Herd Manager –Farmers can monitor dairy cattle movement and record sales easily.

Cattle Breeding

  • Breeding Reminders – Automate action lists by either SMS Mobile phone text message, email or fax. These action lists help dairy farmers identify breeding opportunities e.g. cows ready for service and have been proven through research to enhance dairy herd fertility.
  • Holstein Pedigree Breeder – This optional extra allows download of sire data from Holstein UK and to automatically register new calves with Holstein, thus saving data entry time and registration costs.
  • Easy Recording – Recording breeding events is simple on FarmWizard – either online or via PDA (handheld computer) or text message.

Reporting and Records Keeping

  • APHIS/BCMS Movements – Milk Manager allows for download of animal movements from APHIS/BCMS.
  • Farm Quality Assurance Records – Record medical purchases, feedstuffs and animal treatments.
  • Reporting Feature – Custom-design reports with sorting facilities to analyse data.
  • DARD Accepted Herd Register – No need for manual herd records.
  • Milk Record Links – Transfer data to and from the main UK milk record companies NMR, CIS and United – resulting in less data duplication.
  • Milking Parlour Links – Transfer breeding information to and from most computerised milking parlours.
  • LIC Genetics customers can also benefit from a suite of breeding tools including In Breed checkers and Breeding Worth indices.

Other community features available to FarmWizard Milk Manager users include:

  • Farm Organiser – Helps farmers maintain schedules and important appointments
  • Village Hall – A community-of-interest message board for users
  • Market Square – A user community sales mart for agricultural items

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