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As daily users of Farmworks Software in our mapping and spreading operations, we are the dealer to consult for details and information about how solutions from Farmworks can benefit your farm. Farmworks is the software of choice for farmers in the US & Europe where other popular software packages are unheard of. The data that you collect and input is yours and remains yours. No benchmarking to opt out of !!

Use the free Connected Farm™ app on your smartphone or tablet to map field boundaries, flag points of interest, and enter scouting information.  Scouting attributes include an extensive list of weeds, insects and diseases, and allows you to log the severity of a problem, crop conditions, and more.

The app is also compatible with Trimble’s GreenSeeker handheld crop sensor.  Start by entering NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) readings from the handheld so that the app can automatically calculate the rate of nitrogen.  The geo-referenced location of the NDVI point is also saved in the app.


Farm Works™ Mobile software streamlines data management in the field by bundling record keeping, mapping, scouting, soil sampling, and variable rate application into one software solution. See the Farm Works Mobile factsheet for complete details.


Farm Works™ Stock Mobile software is a portable livestock management solution that enhances animal record keeping.              See the Farm Works Livestock factsheet for complete details.

Click HERE for details on Farmworks Office Software


Connected Farm™ allows you to manage your farming business from any compatible web browser with live access. Data can be collected in the field using your smartphone, tablet, or with Trimble’s DCM-300 modem in the cab. Your free Connected Farm account allows you to easily view, sort, and print information so that you are able to make better management decisions from any location.

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