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Feed Watch – a feeding system that combines software with advanced technology. A touchscreen scale indicator is mounted on a feed truck or wagon and uses proven radio frequency (RF) technology for live communication between the mixer and office. User friendly software monitors feed use, sales, purchasing, animal intakes and cost. The package combines feed management, inventories, and feed labor for better control of your overall feeding system. Other features include the ability to customize and graph reports, provide user security levels and forecast and track feed inventories.

Software for Optimum Feeding Information

  • Develop and monitor multiple rations
  • Forecast and track inventories
  • English/Spanish language capability
  • Customized reports

Advanced Technology

  • Military-grade, wireless radio communication
  • Super-bright LED exterior display
  • Simple-to-use, one-button scale indicator allows all feed adjustments at the scale

Developed and Supported by Industry Leaders

  • Valley Ag. Software (VAS): developers of Dairy Comp 305
  • Dairy One: superior customer service and support

Feed Watch Hardware

The Feed Watch touchscreen indicator provides a clear, easy to use screen to allow the feeding staff the ultimate in control and usability while preparing and delivering feed.  The Feed Watch system gives feeders and managers the ability to handle all types of feeding scenarios, from the most basic to the most complicated.

The “high bright”, 12 character LED Feed Watch display is unique within the industry. The size and brightness make ingredients easy to see from great distances, even in direct sunlight. This allows Feed Watch to give English or Spanish instructions to the feeder using names of ingredients and even the location.

The radio frequency (RF) modems provide a reliable wireless connection between the mixer(s) and the office computer. The Feed Watch software runs in the background and automatically coordinates this data transfer in real time.

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