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Feeding Software for Dairy Farmers and Consultants


Save time & costs, improve performance & health. Keep an eye on ranges and optimize the use or purchase additional fodder. Improve rations through proposals with suitable feedingstuff . Improve the cooperation of consultants and farmers

Scientific know-how

The integrated feed health evaluation classifies each ration using current scientific knowledge.

Interactive ration selection

Thanks to our interactive ration catalog you get a customizable overview of possible feed mixes. Find easily the suitable ration by filtering and sorting the catalog after your key figures.


Let yourself show proposals which alternative feeds can improve the ration. Instantly see the positive impact on the health food.

Stock & Range Management

The software calculates all stored feed into the calculation and determined on this basis, the ranges of the stocks.

Intuitive Use

Within short time and with little effort the user gets a comprehensive overview of the best ways of feeding.


Sign up now to test fodjan without obligation. To make the initial use as easy as possible, we support you in setting up your farm. If only the playful simple ration calculation is not enough to arouse your enthusiasm, the feed-cost-related savings of up to 20 percent should convince any economically minded farmer.

Ration calculation has never been so easy

Save feeding costs and improve the animal welfare with smart feeding


fodjan calculates all possible fodder rations for your company and arranges them clearly. You only have to decide, which ration suits you the best.


Based on actual scientific knowledge fodjan rates all rations in regard of their feed health and makes proposals to improve the rations.


You can reach savings by 5 to 10% of your feeding costs without compromising in regard of the performance and welfare of your animals.

Ration calculation: Fast and easy to a ration

  • Calculation based on the own fodder
  • Clearly arranged fodder-database
  • Automatic display of which alternative fodder could improve the ration
  • Consideration of all relevant requirements (costs, health…), which can be adjusted by demand
  • Numerous feeding possibilities at a glance (ration catalog) with health assessment of each ration
  • Direct possibility to compare with actual rations
  • Division of ration in feeding table and feedstation
Planning: Stocks and rations at a glance
  • Structured planning through group-individual feeding calendar
  • Fast access on extensive ration details
  • Easy setting of starting dates of rations via Drag’n Drop
  • Save rations temporarily
  • Immediate displaying of expected fodder-range based on actual feed-planning
  • Referencing of already planned but not in the stock available fodder with easy option of addition
  • Daily automatic adaption of the feed stock based on actual fed rations and the group size of the cows
Master data: intuitively administration of feeding groups and requirements
  • Free and extensive support with the installation of the operation through fodjan
  • Allocation of unlimited feeding groups in stables or boxes
  • Allocation of each feeding group in a category (lactation phase)
  • Adjustment of physiological characteristics of the feeding group
  • Fodder-specifical parameters like remaining fodder, dry matter content or max. feed intake
  • Milk-specifical requirements like milk yield, proteins or fat
  • Group-specifical choice, which requirements of selected parameters (NEL, RUP…) will flow into the ration calculation
  • Possibility of individual adaptability of the of fodjan provided requirements
Feed - health - evaluation: Only healthy cows having a high milk yield
  • Evaluation of rations based on general accepted scientific knowledge
  • Lactation phase specifical requirements
  • Differentiation between unhealthy, nearly healthy, healthy and very healthy with the allocation of rating points on a scale of 0 – 100
  • Decisive for an evaluation of a ration is the lowest evaluation of a parameter (i.e. crude fibre)
  • Possibility for professionals to adjust the provided requirements individually
  • Easy decision making while considering the parameters feed health vs. milk yield vs. feed costs
Feedingstuff: Easy administration of own stocks
  • Extensive input options of parameters (energy, structure…)
  • Automatical adaption of stock amounts for the feeding
  • Stocks, ranges and other relevant parameters of feedingstuff at a glance
  • Easy adding of fodder through transfer of the database or fodder certificate (BLGG, LKV Sa., LKV BB, Food)
  • Selection of to be considered fodder in the automatic ration calculation (favourites)
  • Extensive and continuous care of the fodder database
  • Suggestions of suitable fodder to improve the rations
  • Clearly arranged display, which fodder when and in which feeding group is going to be fed
Operational management: Simple multi - client capability 
  • Managing several enterprises with one account ( multi-client capability)
  • Easy creating and managing of users with restrictable access rights
  • All users have a fast access to relevant information through the internet
  • Parameters like feed cost or feed range at a glance

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