Field Crop Management Software


ISAGRI's field management software work perfectly for each kind of crop. Whether you run an arable farm, grow vegetables, produce fruits or just have grassland, ISAGRI’s crop management software is the right solution for your crop recordings. We can help you manage precisely your plants. Mapping, fertilization, gross margin, machinery, mobile registration and many more: choose what you need.

Administration easy as ever

Register your fields and operations, and manage all your data with a single click. Your whole information is centralized and easy to access to. You can declare your areas, respect certification by registering your inputs or plan your fertilization. Print the reports you need and sleep peacefully.

Find out what pays

Agronomic performance is useless if it is not profitable. To manage your agricultural company, you need to know your fuel consumption, check out what your employees do, or which varieties pay most. Our decision-making tools will help you improve your performance and your profitability thanks to a precision agriculture software customized for your farm management.

Discover Precision Farming

If you want to save time and money using the last innovative technologies, ISAGRI is the partner you need. To complete our software range, we supply agricultural guidance system as GPS, steering systems and ISOBus devices. Our farm mapping software includes precision agriculture software functions that allow you to import yield maps or prepare variable rate application.

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