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The risk of a recall weighs heavily on the minds of food and beverage manufacturers. Such an event could mean a huge profit loss, a loss of reputation, or worse, a business failure for organizations that are unprepared. iRely understands this risk. That’s why the basis of our production and inventory management is lot tracking and quality management. With one click, in real-time, you can get tracking and quality information for any lot. Even if you’re not facing a recall, these tools help you identify substandard batches more quickly, saving money and preserving your reputation as a quality vendor.


iRely Process Manufacturing allows food and beverage manufacturers to stay on top of your plant schedules. Establish schedules that align efficient runs with customer needs. Increase your ability to inject rush orders into the schedule with less disruption and full visibility to raw material needs.

If you work in a make-to-order environment, or are striving to carry minimal inventory, then iRely is a must.

Material management

Ensure consistent quality results with iRely Process Manufacturing. iRely’s elegant blend sheet creation and delivery mechanism results in improved communication to the floor. With flexible unit of measure configuration, you never have to wonder if operator instructions are clear to them. Ensure quality, prevent errors, and improve communication with iRely.


Well-meaning, but misguided efforts on the plant floor – such as non-scheduled creation of excess WIP — can disrupt work flows, consume needed raw material inventory, and cause expensive errors. With iRely, you can ensure that operators have clear, consistent directions. Operators receive executable instructions to deliver the schedule:

  • What to make
  • How to make it
  • When to make it

iRely streamlines your production floor from scheduling to execution.

Plant view

iRely gives food and beverage manufacturers the ability to view the status of your inventory and product in real-time including work-in-process. This transparency can be applied at plant level or across multiple plant locations.

Production optimization

iRely uses constraints-based finite capacity schedules to improve your production line efficiencies. Save money and reduce downtime and change-overs with iRely’s innovative scheduling methods. iRely matches production requirements with on hand inventory to help you come up with the optimal production plan.

If that weren’t enough, iRely’s innovative reporting tools allow you to measure efficiencies, to help squeeze more profit through your manufacturing process. iRely’s visual scheduling screens allow you to quickly identify the status of your production line at any point in time. Make sure you’re staying on track, have the right inventory on hand, and aren’t loosing key production time with unnecessary downtime and changeovers.

Do you operate multiple factories? Quickly flip between screens to see what is being produced at your other locations.

Configurable requirements

iRely allows you to automate your quality control initiatives. Establish quality parameters for raw material and finished goods germane to your business. Maintain testing rules and acceptable ranges for each test. Adapt your quality initiatives to suit your needs for regulatory compliance and avoid manually tracking quality data.

Blend management

Execute established blends or permit authorized users to vary blends according to raw material quality characteristics with iRely. Centralize blend control across multiple plants or release control to the individual plant level. Manage blending strategies based on raw material quality, cost and expiration.

In-process controls

Don’t wait until the end of production to uncover substandard batches. iRely gives you the flexibility and control to insert quality checks anywhere in the production process – whether upon arrival, WIP, and/or finished goods. Additionally, iRely allows you to prevent the use of materials until an authorized user approves the quality. Rather than scratching your head at the end of the month and wondering why your costs were so high, iRely captures yield at the run level helping you immediately identify and correct process issues that impact throughput and cost.

Lot traceability

In the event of a recall or recall test, iRely allows you to quickly and easily track down substandard or contaminated batches. Avoid poring through heaps of paper. Quickly zero into all components of a finished good product run. Need to peer into all the finished goods produced from a particular lot? No problem. iRely has you covered.

Audit trail and reporting

iRely Process Manufacturing makes it easy to oversee your organization and manage by exception. iRely logs all transactions and actions impacting inventory, including end of shift data, making this information available on demand.

iRely provides a full audit trail of control recipe release. Identify precise components of any product produced on any day, to zero in on production faults and fix them before they are replicated across batches. iRely’s flexible reporting of production results, inventory, quality, and more, ensures you have the tools you need to run your organization more efficiently.

Are you concerned about the risks involved with a recall? iRely understands this concern. That’s why we help you take a proactive approach to your lot tracking. Our software allows you the ability to see each ingredient forward and backwards through your entire production line.

Your ability to survive a recall is dependant on the speed at which you identify contaminated batches and the level of precision you can employ to those batches. iRely gives you the tools you need to react quickly and precisely.

Inventory levels

iRely Process Manufacturing allows you to optimize inventory levels. Be certain you have the correct quantities on hand to meet customer requests, without tying up capital and space in excessive inventory. Inventory data can be managed by quality status and expiration allowing for optimal use of available inventory.

Raw materials

When iRely receives raw material inventory, it captures critical traceability and regulatory information in addition to cost and quantities. You can be certain you are in compliance and are positioned to quickly respond in the event of recall or recall tests.

Know what you have on hand and where it is. Track raw materials and warehouse location using bar codes, resulting in less time spent locating inventory in the warehouse and greater inventory accuracy. Moreover, you can access inventory quality data, status, expiration date and reservations all in a central easy-to-use view of your inventory. iRely tracks multiple levels of units of measure improving inventory accuracy and allowing you to easily subdivide lots without losing traceability.

Finished goods

iRely automatically updates finished goods upon quality release, providing immediate access to sellable inventory. At the same time, iRely relieves raw material inventory giving you the confidence that you have the right materials on-hand to fulfill orders.

Track location of finished goods with bar codes, saving time locating goods, improving shipping accuracy, and reducing shrink. With iRely, you have complete visibility into the status of finished goods including quality holds and released product.

Work in process

Bring transparency to your WIP inventory. Do you have multiple batches in process at any time? Do you have chronologically long processes (such as fermentation or other age-dependent processes)? If so, then iRely is for you. iRely makes it easy to capture/view quality information by batch improving the consistency of quality. For those who have the ability to apply retrospective corrective action, iRely’s WIP visibility becomes even more valuable.

Self-correcting inventory

iRely’s innovative inventory system takes into consideration your operational efficiency, not just your accounting needs. Don’t let paper shortages stop your production, or cause overstocks. iRely allows production to continue while tracking variances to be corrected during cycle counts. This keeps your plant up and running while ensuring optimal inventory levels.

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