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- Version 7.0 - Database for Laboratory Quality Management



Easy to use – easy to fit your requirements – export to MS-Excel. Around production and marketing of fruit and vegetables a lot of measurements are carried out that create a lot of data. Our Fruitsoft-Database is the perfect tool to collect all this data for further evaluation and processing.

We establish links to connected measurementdevices (like FT7, FTA GS-15 etc) toautomatically collect and store the measuredvalues on your PC. Further Meta-Data(producer, supplier, customer, sort, variety,growth-area, date of harvest…) as well asfurther quality features (homogenous coloured,slightly damaged through hail etc) or data frompesticide-analytics can be added.

Within a few years a powerful tool forforecasting quality and yield grows up! It willeven help to pay your suppliers by quality notonly by quantity!

We will be pleased to configure the database toyour requirements, to make sure, workflow andcollected data are optimized. We will work outwhich devices are alredy available, and if theycan be integrated. We can help with importingexisting data and define individual protocols forstorage, delivery, harvest-date forecasts etc.

Our approved measurement systems for appleripenessand Softfruit-Firmness make measurementsquick and easy and allow the importof the values by just pressing a button.

  • MS-Windows7 or higher
  • Client-/Server-use from MS-Windows Server 2008 R2 on
  • Firebird-Database-Server from V2.1

  • automaic data acquisition or keyboard input
  • Assignment of varieties, suppliers, facilities, etc.
  • free definition of number format and column label
  • powerful Firebird database
  • creation of certificates
  • Graphs for expressing ripening-progress (Requires MS Office is at the user already installed)
  • Interface to MS-Excel and MS-Word or external file
  • free search masks for subsequent processing of the data
  • 1-user license
  • German manual, Software Requires OS Windows7
  • Any languages configurable
  • Client-server version available

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