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All land managers use maps: Maps are an essential management tool in the day to day management of a farming business. They are used in the interaction with government, with your operators, agronomist, contract farming partners, contractors, service suppliers, consultants, tenants, diversification schemes, planners, etc. The list is endless.

Mapping where you need it
GateKeeper puts your maps plus a powerful range of mapping tools where you really need them, at the heart of your crop recording system. If you want to issue work instructions with maps, you can. If you want to produce a map of the farm showing fields to sample, you can. If you need to measure field areas or distances, you can. If you need a fully integrated precision farming system, this is it. The possibilities are huge.

John Deere compatibility
We have been appointed by John Deere as their Preferred Partner in the UK region. That means that we work together with John Deere to provide UK growers, agronomists and contractors with an integrated farming solution allowing data (spatial and non-spatial) to flow between GateKeeper and John Deere AMS solutions seamlessly. Only GateKeeper can offer this level of integration to UK producers.

Precision Farming – a mainstream farming technique
Precision farming is here to stay. According to the Defra Farm Practices Survey 2009 “variable rate application and GPS (global positioning systems) are the second most common techniques, used by 23% of cereal farms“. HGCA have show a consistent financial return amongst precision farming adopters. Precision farming is not snake oil and mirrors. It uses proven technology to help deliver tried and tested farming and agronomic techniques, variably, over large large areas, quickly, reliably and repeatibly.

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