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All field information is entered in GateKeeper on a Job basis. That means that you can record information to many fields in the same Job in one go, reducing inputting and speeding up data entry. If you make a mistake, you can re-open a saved job and edit the details, or delete the job and start again instead of having to edit each individual field record. Although you may have many fields in a job, you still have the flexibility to add field specific details such as time start/finish, date, product quantity and other details to each field.

  • Quick and easy data entry via job based recording
  • Recall and edit any job details
  • Maximum flexibility to suit the way you work

Work Planning saves time and improves accuracy

Instead of waiting until you have completed work before entering the details into GateKeeper, you can use the Planning module to create Work Plans either from scratch or by importing recommendations from your agronomist. Work Plans carry all of the details of what you plan to do, for example a round of spraying, or fertiliser spreading, or drilling and as such can be used to calculate product requirement for ordering and printed out as an operator instruction sheet. As the operator completes work, they can enter the completed details on to the work plan form so that all of the details are available to be updated to GateKeeper in the farm office. Work plans can also be exported to the optional GateKeeper Mobile software so that information can be captured in the field thus reducing the need to re-enter details in the office.

  • Build Work Plans from scratch or import from agronomist recommendations
  • Calculate product required based on the planed operation for ordering materials
  • Issue clear instructions for operators including Lerap, caution notes etc
  • Bring work completed records back to the farm office
  • Compatible with GateKeeper Mobile and other on-board controllers for electonic data capture
  • Reduces inputting, saves time, increases accuracy
  • Integration with a wide range of tractor mounted control devices
  • Can create and export prescription maps and import work done in precision farming operations (needs optional Mapping and precision farming modules)

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