- Trading Module & Strategy Engine Software


GNARUM has developed a modular vertical solution running on SAP that combines its own forecasting engine based on highly accurate, in-house developed algorithms with an operational module that allows for the interaction with energy SPOT markets. The solution is also complemented with a reporting area that provides detailed analysis and performance rations and can be easily integrated with other SAP modules (logistics, FI-CO…)


Each module is integrated under the following conceptual levels

  • Multiple data sources
  • Interface among modules and systems from other players
  • Functional synergies

Multiple language and currency and parameterized for any Energy Market.


Data Feed

DataFeed is the module of gEMA that allows for the visualization and accurate forecasting of multiple variable and fundamentals that take into account when operating in Energy Markets.

  • Price trends
  • Energy Generation Forecasts
  • Wind Forecasting
  • PV Forecasting Load Forecasting
  • Residual Load



Operate is the module that concentrates and integrates in an intuitive manner the main operational activities for energy SPOT markets. Operate Module also permits the participation in energy markets both through predefined or personalized strategies.

  • Real Time Market monitoring
  • Energy scheduling
  • Reliable Interaction and transactions with both System and Market Operators
  • Strategy engine: offering automated strategies and permitting the definition of others by the client
  • Data Repository that provides an intuitive view of the energy traded in each market session.



Report Module offers a complete reporting area with in-deph analysis and KPIs:

  • Managed energy
  • Settlement
  • Prices repository
  • Comparison of different strategies & market scenarios
  • Forecasted vs. Produced energy
  • Deviation reports

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