- Scalable, accurate and easily integrated APIs


Scalable, accurate and easily integrated APIs for your Ag GIS custom applications. GEOSYS Bridge™ API powers actionable insights that help decision-makers discover hidden opportunities, gain competitive advantages and potentially earn a higher ROI. With the ready-to-use GEOSYS Bridge™ API, you can build the innovative solutions your customers need, using highly accurate maps and agronomic data that integrate easily with and add value to your existing applications.

  • The GEOSYS Bridge™ API delivery platform servers are hosted in a professional private cloud, which guarantees high availability and high performance
  • Business continuity at the heart of our service: 24/7 monitoring, performance reporting and disaster recovery plans give you the confidence that you need to plan business

  • Access up to 20 years of field-level satellite maps
  • Remove barriers to entry for customers who do not have historical data on their own
  • Use historical data to recognize patterns and anticipate customers’ needs
  • Rely on GEOSYS’s 25 years of unmatched expertise in agronomy and data processing

  • Easily integrate into your existing Ag GIS
  • Get on-demand GEOSYS consulting for fast integration and go-to-market
  • Provide highly accurate maps and agronomic data
  • Simply draw field borders to get the data; No need for contracting with several providers, store the complete satellite images databases on your servers
  • Customize the information and format to suit your needs
  • Add value for your customers

  • Get up to three times as many maps as the industry standard
  • Use only 100 percent cloud-free maps
  • Provide the timely information your customers need
  • Access images within three days of when they were taken without preordering
  • Help your customers make crucial decisions and improve ROI

Thanks to its large database, the GEOSYS Bridge™ API platform also offers you processing capabilities:

  • Analyze the spatial variability throughout the years
  • Benchmark crop growth conditions taking into account neighboring fields

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