- Version PV+ - Real-Time Monitoring and Management Program



GPM PV+ is a real-time monitoring and management program that gives you the tools you need to manage every level of your extensive portfolio of plants: Plant Supervision and Operation, Maintenance Management, Financial Management.

Configuration of personalized alarms:
Get email or SMS notifications of low production, device errors, maintenance tasks or communication problems.

Control Room:
Use the tools integrated together or view information on different monitors.

Maintenance manager:
Plan preventive maintenance tasks for your plants; manage operators and parts. Get rapid, integrated access to all of the corrective maintenance actions taken for any incident.

View data in real-time:
With a single glance, see the latest data from your devices, thanks to the program’s quick views.

Alert notifications:
Automatically get error notifications via SMS or email for any type of anomaly in your plants.

Automatic pre-calculations:
Get data from your plants automatically: PR (performance ratio), availability and total power.

Geolocalized data:
Visually identify the origins of data and alerts in the layout, or see the status of the alerts for all of your plants in the map.

Adaptable to your corporate image:
We adapt the GPM PV+ to your company’s colors and logo.

Detailed technical configuration:
The GPM PV+ is designed to respond to any specific need you might have: calculations, alarms, reading data, units of measurement…

Component nomenclature:
We configure the data from each of your plants and distribute the components in your personalized layout.

Flexible integration:
Our monitoring system brings the data from all of your plants and components together in one place.

Administration of user rights:
Manage access to tools and their use by users or groups. Establish unlimited levels and roles for all of your plants.

Translated and available in English, Italian and Spanish.

can be linked together with enterprise software such as ERP, GMAO and CRM.

Manage your entire portfolio of plants:
Grow without limits. The program is completely adaptable to the growth of your facilities.

Independent monitoring:
New components can be added to your plant and monitored. We grow with you.

Advanced data queries and exports and comparative graphs
with data that is constantly stored and updated.

Annual and monthly reports:
Export historical data and graphs to analyze trends. This data can then be used to improve your plants’ performance.

Financial reports:
Comparisons between your business plan and the actual production and availability data for reports. Data calculated for predictive analyses.

Corrective and preventive maintenance reports:
Indicates the reaction time for each operation and records the operating parts refilled in the plant.

Periodic program updates
for the GPM PV+.

New versions with no added costs.
With your GPM PV+ license, you will have access to new versions and functions.

Technical Service
to help you with any questions about the platform and to manage any incidents. Our technicians will help you with any configuration, programming or management issues.

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