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Grain-Watch PC Software


The Grain-Watch PC software offers easy handling, easy configuration of trip values and, most importantly, continuous and secure grain temperature monitoring — every day, around the clock. The Grain-Watch system is customized according to your storage facility; you will recognize your bins on the screen at once. Intuitive color coding instantly informs you about tripped temperature values in your grain. You receive all relevant information at one glance and can quickly take proper actions! The Grain-Watch PC software is accessible in three access levels and password-protected against unauthorized use. The software currently comes in seven languages. English, German, Russian, Arabic, Polish, Rumanian, Finish and Swedish.


Displays your grain storage facility with its bin names. You will recognize them at once. You can even add an own text, i.e. what the bin is presently storing.


Displays the temperature values from every temperature monitoring cable or spear in tabular form. For fast and precise information.


Indicates fill level and volume in accordance to cell diameter or cubic meters, cell height and sensor spacing. Displays the fill level graphically in the different views.


Show the grain temperature progression on each temperature monitoring cable, spear or their individual sensors over a certain period of time. The information is automatically stored on the hard drive and can be printed out for accounting, bookkeeping or sales purposes.

Alarms can easily be configured in five levels for individual cables or spears, bins or groups of bins. The alarms can also be used to start ceiling fans. A module for external alarms is available separately.

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