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Grain Elevator Operations: One simple solution for your grain elevator that is easy to use, and at a price you can afford. Track your real time position and manage risk. Automate your hedging activities, futures, options, and other non-cash transactions. Manage multiple inventory locations and target pricing. WOW Gives you extensive process management including logistics, reporting, storage, and handling. With this system, you gain the ability to grasp every opportunity and price move - and ultimately, the ability to operate your business with the highest profitability possible.

Easy Drill Downs:
WOW gives you the ability to trace your information back to the start by having drill downs as a standard feature. Trace that scale ticket all the way back to its initial contract with just a couple of clicks - and never get lost in a paper stack again!

Real-Time Inventory,Position Reporting and Risk Management:
The markets move fast, and you have to know not only your position, but how each transaction you make affects it. WOW allows you the ability to view all positions by location or by commodity. Monitor in-house, in-transit, and off site inventory with ease.

Futures and Options:
Our Futures and Options Position report gives you the advantage to balance your risk during market movement. Using options tied to delivery of grain allows you to easily create a variety of contract types (minimum price contracts, min/max contracts, unit contracts, etc.) WOW keeps track of expiration dates and all history on options and allows for pricing of options and generation of settlement directly to a customer’s account.

Automated Scale Interface:
Connect an unlimited number of scales to allow for rapid weighing of shipments. One click will import your load’s weight and enter it directly to your scale ticket. If a truck is too large for your scale, WOW allows you to split weigh the truck, and will automatically calculate its total weight. Outdoor Ticket Printing is also available.

Automated Moisture Reading:
As your grain is being tested, the moisture reader transfers the readings to your scale ticket with just the click of a button. WOW will automatically update your information and calculate all discounts. This saves you time and prevents user entry errors.

Dispatch - Freight Scheduling:
Take advantage of our scheduling system to see just how easy it is to plan your deliveries against sales contracts ahead of time, or to pick up loads to deliver to an elevator, or to even take loads directly to a processor. WOW makes the process of commodity movement easy to manage. Dispatch your loads and generate a bill of lading for the carrier so they know exactly what, where, and how much to deliver. Additionally, you can establish freight rates in advance so freight is calculated when your loads are shipped.

Electronic Document Delivery:
Join in the effort to make your office a greener place. WOW offers you the ability to deliver your invoices, statements, contracts, weigh tickets, and more to your customer’s or vendor’s inbox with just the simple click of a button. You can also have user-defined alerts set to notify managers of daily activities (by e-mail, MMS or SMS/Text message - helping to keep track of your employees actions in the system.

Vehicle and Asset Maintenance:
Store and track every asset in your business. From scheduling preventive maintenance to on the spot repairs, this system will help you stay on top of keeping all your equipment in the best working order. All maintenance work (whether done in house, or by an outside vendor) will automatically tag the expense to the repaired asset, or create the proper payable item to pay your vendor.

Farm Splits:
Take the worry out of manual split calculations, and having to run individual transactions for your splits. WOW allows you to enter all your farm information up front, and the software will handle all calculations from there.

Dedicated Support in the United States:
Our support staff is located in the United States, and will guarantee a prompt response time to any questions or issues submitted to us. Why speak to someone halfway across the globe when you have quality support much closer to you?

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