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If you have been struggling with an old, out-dated DOS or character-based system that really doesn’t help you effectively and profitably manage your business. Now is the time to take a look at the Grossman WOW system. Understandably, computer hardware costs can be a big concern since most software companies require you to update or purchase a new server directly through them. Our system is designed to operate on your current hardware. (Windows XP or later). Alternatively, we offer hosted software solutions to meet your hardware needs without a large, up-front investment.


Grossman & Associates provides a high-quality, Windows-based software package that is custom-tailored for the Peanut Industry.
Our Grossman WOW system is designed to help you better control and more easily manage the purchasing and settlement of farmer’s stock, including entry of all fees, contract application, grower splits, plus all associated regulatory reporting.

The WOW system takes it a step further by providing features that let you maintain a complete and accurate inventory, including detailed Lot Tracking, while helping you manage all further processing (shelling/blanching) prior to final sale to your customers.

That’s right - the Grossman WOW system can handle all of your information system requirements from the moment peanuts are delivered to your buying points, to the final sale to your customers - all in one modern and easy-to-use application.

  • Fast, user-friendly Windows data entry screens provide online, real-time  recording of all delivery information.
  • Immediate validation as data is entered helps avoid costly data entry errors.
  • Reports are generated using a graphical report writer users can create their own reports.
  • Highly extensible system that can be custom-tailored  (modified or enhanced) to each customer’s specific requirements.
  • Online, real-time support from Grossman & Associates links Grossman Support  staff with your servers and workstations for immediate problem resolution.

  • Automatically import of USDA grading information.
  • Ability to charge drying charges on the original quantity.
  • Can deduct Weighing and Inspection fees and Re-grade Fees.
  • Tracks loads by Identity of Load and Bill of Lading Number.
  • A unique load number can be assigned to each load.
  • Tickets can be split to multiple growers.
  • Ability to Charge Cleaning fees (Sand, etc.).
  • Extensive reporting including a DPR report in a USDA standard format.
  • Produces farm settlement detail reports that are used for insurance.
  • Origin tickets can be linked to each of the vehicle numbers that the load is transferred to.
  • Vehicle numbers can be edited and transferred to other Vehicles.
  • Ability to quickly enter each ticket associated with each FV95.
  • Can be tracked by Load Number.
  • FV95 can be entered without entering an Origin Ticket.
  • Supports entry of multiple Vehicle numbers for a FV95.
  • FV95 can be assigned to a bin.
  • Origin tickets data can be corrected after grading when entering the FV95.
  • FV95 grades can be downloaded and automatically entered when doing a 1007.
  • Capture the Inspection Date and time.
  • Ability to capture the weigher’s name.
  • Grading information is easily entered.
  • Ease creation of the 1007’s.
  • Provides the ability to view previously entered 1007 data.
  • 1007 can be corrected, superseded, or voided.
  • 1007 can be split to multiple growers.
  • 1007 can be applied to a contract, to pay a premium.
  • 1007 can be applied to storage.
  • 1007 that are signed can be flagged within the system.
  • MP1 file can be created for signed 1007’s and transmitted.
  • 3rd Party Warehouse Receipts can be entered and tracked.
  • Warehouse Receipts can be selected to be redeemed.
  • WHR can be selected by crop year, farm ID, Date, commodity, location and producer.
  • Ability to create/design your own reports similar to Microsoft Access, IQ, and other realtional report designers using Crystal Reports.

  • Automatic printing of grading documents tbe given tthe USDA officials for grading.
  • Future integration with USDA’s new eTDE system.
  • Availability of electronic scale interface for all weighing operations.
  • Ability tmanually enter grading information when USDA staff not on site.
  • Lot tracking:
  • Tracks each lot from date shelled.
  • Track Lot numbers tsale history.
  • Handles tracking of Re-mill.
  • Automated transfer of lots tblanching.
  • Tracks quality infon each lot.
  • Ability tattach scanned documents ta lot and/or quality record.
  • Ability tenter quality specifications for a customer and get a list of lots that meet the specs entered.
  • Functions available tcommit lots ta specific customer.
  • Ability tship multiple bills of ladings from one order.
  • Prints Bill of Lading.
  • Ability tenter and track applications against a sales contract.
  • Manufacturing functions automatically relieves farmer stock and can create the lots based on the finished peanut produced.
  • Ability timport government grade information and attach tlot.
  • Availability of customizable Daily Production reports.
  • Real time inventory control.
  • Complete sales history by customer by product over a range of dates.
  • Ability tcreate/design your own reports similar tMicrosoft Access, IQ, and other realtional report designers using Crystal Reports.

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