Version Guide2D - Information Displays Software

AGPS-Guide2D software is designed for backhoes, excavators, and tile stringing vehicles. Guide2D displays information such as guidance grids, maps, or as built data from an AGPS-PipePro system. This allows the operator of the plow to quickly and easily show other operators in the field where he wants starting holes dug or tile strung for following laterals.

  • All the functionality of a lightbar, and more!
    • Set 'A-B' lines for simple grids
    • Screen shows overhead view of your location and left/right lightbar
    • Set offset to line for stringing tile
  • Pairs well with an AGPS-PipePro system, with data transferred by Wi-Fi or USB.
    • Load the plow's grids
    • See mains as installed
  • Load map data
    • Existing tile
    • Contour maps
    • Tile plan for the job
    • Aerial image, which sometimes show existing tile!

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