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- Version HCR-SIM™ - Simulates Commercial Refinery Hydrocracking Units



HCR-SIM simulates commercial refinery hydrocracking units to help you select the best set of operating conditions. Hydrocracking is the most flexible process in refining – but also one of the most complex in terms of possible operating strategies. There are a multitude of questions about feeds, conversion (total and per pass), catalyst life and hydrogen requirements. HCR-SIM enables refining staff to fine-tune this critical operating unit. Unit objectives may be maximum naphtha, kerosene, diesel or lubes production. You can use the HCR-SIM model for unit monitoring and to quantify and analyse the relative economic advantages of different feed slates, feed rates, reactor severities, product fractionation schemes and equipment modifications for debottlenecking.

HCR-SIM can simulate most commercial hydrocracking unit configurations and is independent of catalyst types. The simulation can rigorously model once-through, partial-recycle and recycle-to-extinction operations, with fast and robust convergence. HCR-SIM lets you examine the effect on yields, hydrogen consumption and catalyst run length based on changes in operating conditions, feed rates, feed qualities, severity (total and per pass conversions) and recycle cut point.

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