- Task Manager (HCTM)


The second product offered is the HiCLAS1 Task Manager (HCTM). This is a utility intended for use on multi-core systems as a parallel task-farming work scheduler for either serial or parallel threaded model code. It was designed to enable concurrent executions of either AERMOD-HPCS, or the U.S.


  • Usable with any executable model (or combination of models) and associated data
  • A task queue is defined by an input file (hctm.in)
  • As each task completes a new one is automatically selected from the queue
  • Task processing continues until the task queue is empty
  • The number of concurrently executing tasks is user-selectable to match the number of cores available
  • A maximum of 8 concurrent tasks is allowed for a single-user license
  • Multi-user licenses allow for scaling to any number of cores using multiple invocations of HCTM

  • Separate tasks define each model run (to a maximum of 999 tasks in a single queue).
  • Tasks from the input queue are farmed out to the number of threads chosen in the input file
  • Tasks are automatically executed concurrently by the thread team
  • Each thread in the team produces a log file showing which tasks it selected
  • A default output file shows information on task queue processing and the order of task initiation
  • Three test data sets included in the release package demonstrate usage and load balancing issues with two models (including the U.S. EPA's preferred model release of AERMOD)

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