Human Resource Management Software (HRMS)


Agricultural businesses, such as farms, labor contractors and packing facilities, may have a large number of employees, but the employees involved in HR may have little or no HR training. There has not been as much emphasis on HR, but it is becoming more important, given issues with hiring and firing, discrimination, health benefits under the Affordable Care Act, worker’s compensation claims and employee disputes.

The HRM functions that Datatech software currently supports are mainly tied to payroll processes. However, we have seen a growing need to add additional HR functions. We do not anticipate adding any detailed HR Management features at this time (tracking job applicants, interviews, hiring, firing, exit interviews), other than the current hiring and firing information that the payroll program includes.

The Datatech HR software module will concentrate on the following areas: Personnel Tracking, Employee Benefits and Risk Management. We will also have some attendance tracking capabilities based on the time information entered through the payroll system.

The HR software is a separate software application from the Payroll or full Datatech Accounting software you currently use. The data location however, is the same. Information from both software applications update the same record, but some pieces of information can only be viewed through the HR software.

As part of future upgrades, there will also be a document filing option for the HR module that will give you the capability of electronically filing scanned documents of any type, and attaching them to an employee account (job application, W4, I9, etc) or a specific incident (such as filing documents related to litigation).

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